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What We Offer

At IroSteel we are not only committed to producing the highest quality steel product but doing so in an environmentally responsible way. Our product is manufactured in house or on the job site, cut to length to ensure there is minimal or no wasted product. We use North American produced steel (Galvalume) which is available in 24, 26 and 29 gauge. Our material is pre-painted in a smooth or textured finish.

There are approximately 18 standard colours available as well as many other custom colours to best suit your particular requirements. We also produce many custom trims to match your applications; gable trim, roof edge, J trim, ridge cap, valley flashing and many other custom trims are available. At IroSteel every job, big or small, is important to us. Customer satisfaction, producing quality finished products and advocating safety are our company’s main priorities.

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  • North American produced steel (Galvalume)

  • 24, 26 and 29 Gauge

  • Gable Trim

  • Roof Edge Trim

  • J Trim

  • Ridge Cap Trim

  • Valley Flashing Trim

Product Details

Roof, Wall & Liner IS-936

Available in 26 and 29 gauge

Roof, Wall & Liner IS-1236

Available in 24 and 26 gauge

Delpro PVC Panel

Panels are 16″, PVC trims available

Snap Lock

Available in 24 and 26 gauge

Snap Lock

Available in 24 and 26 gauge

Tile Roof & Ridge Cap

Available in 24 and 26 gauge

Standing Seam

Available in 24 and 26 gauge

Standing Seam

Available in 24 and 26 gauge


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